COVID-19 Deep Cleaning Services

COVID-19 CleaningIf your business has had a confirmed or suspected exposure to COVID-19, Enviromark professionals have the ability to sanitize and deep clean your facility according to the most recent standards and guidelines proposed by the CDC. Enviromark will work closely with your designated point of contact to formulate a work scope unique to your facility size and specific needs.

Enviromark has many years of experience in industrial cleaning, emergency spill response, blood borne pathogen cleaning and disposal. All technicians have been properly trained and are supervised under OSHA requirements.

Some facility specific task may include cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for cleanup process, and disposal of waste in accordance to local regulation.

You will be designated an Enviromark Point of Contact to facility your cleaning project. Task list may include:

  • Initial interview and information request
  • Site visit
  • Determination of cleaning level and areas agreed (localized or entire facility)
  • Purchase Order / Contract, Invoice arrangement

Cleaning Tasks may include:

  • Lobby / Office / Retail
  • Individual Work Spaces / Lockers / Desk
  • Restroom / Entryway / Door Knobs/ Hand Rails
  • Cafeteria / Break Room
  • Training Rooms / Classroom
  • Flooring / Walking Surface
  • Exercise / Gym /
  • Hall Areas / Common Areas
  • Child area / Daycare
  • Exterior / Outside
  • Storage Areas / Conveyors / Mobile Equipment / Elevator
  • Receiving / Loading Dock Areas

Call ENVIROMARK or fill out the form below to schedule a COVID-19 Cleaning for your business.

    *regards to COVID-19 specific cleaning procedures OSHA guidance for waste management is based on the CDC’s determination that COVID-19 virus is not a Category A infectious substance. It is a Category B infectious substance, which when discarded, is a regulated medical waste.