Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Overhead Structure Vacuuming
Our specialized equipment can be utilized to vacuum clean overhead structures such as beams, ceilings, roofs, and bridges.

Wet/Dry Vacuuming and Pumping
Enviromark’s fleet is DOT approved. Our powerful air induction vehicles and vacuum pump trucks can remove rock, sludge, or liquid. Enviromark can manage most hazardous and non-hazardous materials and provide cleanup of the materials and transportation to the disposal facility.

Industrial/Municipal Sewer & Pipe Cleaning
Enviromark’s jetting equipment is capable of cleaning both small and large pipes. These lines require various levels of cleaning from simple removing of sediment to thoroughly cleaning the walls.

Product & Waste Transportation
Enviromark vehicles are DOT approved and fully licensed to haul both liquid and solid hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials. Each load is properly manifested to the disposal facility or product destination.

Sump, Tank, Pit, and Manhole Cleaning
Utilizing our large fleet of vacuum pump trucks and air induction vehicles, Enviromark can clean most any type of sump, pit, tank or manhole. Projects range from large state contracts with numerous job sites to small private shops with a single floor pit.

Industrial Cleaning
Enviromark has a fleet of vacuum pump trucks and air induction vehicles capable of performing most any industrial or municipal cleaning service. This includes jetting of conduits or pipe and the power washing of structures. With our extensive fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment, Enviromark has the expertise to manage numerous projects simultaneously.

Enviromark provides hydro-excavation on certain sites as an alternative to conventional excavation methods. Unlike traditional mechanical excavation, there is little chance of damage or disruption to critical underground utilities when pressure washing and high-power vacuuming are utilized to excavate.

Hydro-excavation allows Enviromark to penetrate various soil conditions, depths, widths and angles, while preserving natural surroundings. Hydro-excavation equipment is directed at the desired excavation point while the soil slurry is vacuumed into a vacuum truck to be contained and/or transported off-site. The entire excavation process requires minimal backfill, restoration and environmental impact.